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BackUp Your Data Now!
Keep an online backup of your data to a remote location using FTP. It is a very wise decision to keep a backup of your backup to ensure safety.
As a BackupNext user, whether it is the full version or trial version, you are entitled to free customer support from our specialized professionals.
No need to worry about the unfortunate system failures or corruption of data. Backup your vital data and upload to your FTP server on a schedule.

BackUp Next 2.3
Remote FTP backup software
Online data storage solution
Affordable cost & free support
Windows Vista Compatible
Vista Ready

Easy to use interface
With our easy to use, user-friendly interface, there's no need to know everything about computers and securing your backup files as our program will take care of it for you. If for some reason you run into complications in using the software, you can e-mail our technical support and our specialized professionals will contact you by as soon as possible free of charge.

Remote FTP Backup
When an unfortunate event happens that is unexpected, we may not have our files backed up. Therefore, we will lose that data forever. By using BackUpNext software, backing up your backup to an FTP client is a very wise decision. By using FTP Backup, you are safely securing your important files into a remote location so that you are able to access is if your system fails, your hard drive crashes, or you get an unexpected virus.

Automatic Scheduled backups
With the scheduled backups feature within BackUpNext, you can safely schedule your backups. This will ensure that if you do forget to backup your files, the software program will not. Schedule BackUpNext to backup your files to a remote FTP client at a certain time and a certain day, this can be daily, weekly, whatever you prefer.

Top Features:
Consistent & Secure Software
Reliable, User Friendly Interface
Full Support for FTP upload
Supports filters & tokens
Scheduled Backup Available
Supports Incremental backups
Supports command line options
Reasonable price & Vista compatible

Experience Peace Of Mind Today!
For only $14.95. Buy FTP space.

Backup your important data
Backup Music, Photos & Videos
Better safe than sorry
It's happened to all of us - where are the tax records or business files for the important meeting this afternoon? With BackUpNext, you can predefine specific data backup settings, in separate files, for My Documents, My Pictures or even your Outlook Express e-mails.
No one wants to lose their family memories in the event of a hard drive crash or system failure. Protect these digital memories including photos of your children, personal videos, or even your mp3 files. BackUpNext is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand.
When your hard drive crashes, it's very possible that you have lost of your data forever. If you do not have a copy, there's no hope! Simple as that, it's gone. Use BackUpNext Software to backup your vital files whether it is tax records, business files, or even customer information.
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